Record Management - Document Storage

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Document storage1

Your daily work will be significantly reduced by this service which is intented to off-load your burden to organize a large volume of papers, files and others (such as product samples).

We can help you manage document and file. you will be able to retrieve your storage item and have them deliver to you at your specified time.

You shall benefit from us keeping track of the full "Record Management" life cycle:

Bar code scanning
  • Item Registration
  • Move to storage/Retention
  • Warehouse Check-in
  • Inventory
  • Retrieval (Warehouse Check-out)
  • Destruction/Disposal

You may choose to use our online storage management software, that help you oversee and control all movementand activities.

To Check when an item being checked in by the warehouse or to print a report of your inventory, All of such user's operation on our online system must first get checked and authorized by our highly secured permission requirement.

Online storage management software

Online storage management software

let you check, report document/box movement tracking information

Packing file into Box

Packing file into Box

All box will be labelled with unique bar code for system tracking purpose

Joe chu country manager

Joe Chu

December 2020 | Message from the Hong Kong Country Manager
We have been operating in Hong Kong since 1984. We Will complete your job as good as you expected if not better

Let me know if you have any question about our services.